Are You Missing Potential Referral Income As An Executive Suite NYC Attorney

By Law Firm Suites - July 6, 2015
Are You Missing Potential Referral Income As An Executive Suite NYC  Attorney

It is quite possible to miss out on referrals as an executive suite NYC attorney if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Finding an office arrangement can be a challenging and confusing time for many, but when you finally have one, it is best to utilize the office to its fullest potential to ensure you get the most out of your office space. In the case of referrals, many attorneys may not expect potential referrals to come from unfamiliar territory.

A shared office provider like Law Firm Suites understands the importance of attorney referrals and that they are necessary for an attorney to prosper. Our staff get it and can help clients find the right attorney within the space to become the recipient of a referral.

After years of successful matching referrals with appropriate practice areas, we started to notice something strange. On a consistent basis, referrals were flowing between practice areas that you normally wouldn’t expect.

Referral matches might come from unexpected areas.  

Some referrals are quite easy to suggest. For example,  a divorce attorney could easily refer a case dealing with child custody to someone specializing in it because it falls under the umbrella of family law.
Although a divorce attorney can easily refer a child custody case, they may even be warranted to refer a case to a corporate transactional attorney, especially if a successful entrepreneur plans to protect his or her business from the perils of a dissolving marriage.

It is incredibly easy to overlook possible referral sources. Our company can do it so why not the attorneys in our office?

Networking circles differ just as much as the attorneys in them.

Networking has a very social aspect to its entirety. It can sometimes feel the New York City social scene where there are different archetypes of social groups like the fashion crowd, the artsy crowd, old money, new money, and so forth. These types of social groups rarely overlap and are essentially cliques like in a high school quad. Law works very similarly and attorneys typically network with those they can get the most potential in a referral.
There is comfort in familiarity. When you know you can get something from somewhere easily, you tend to milk that source for all it’s worth. This might serve as a reasoning to network in particular circles. Although this is wise, you never know what can happen if you branch out to other circles.

We believe this is the primary reason why attorneys tend to overlook these other practitioners as potential networking targets.

Unfamiliar referral relationships help you minimize the competition.

It takes a strategic mind to network efficiently. If one were to analyze the different avenues for client referrals, chances are that your referral network could be expanded quite significantly, thus meaning more potential for revenue.

Unfamiliar territory should certainly not be your go to source for referrals, but it does give you an edge when you have other practice areas outside your own to common network. This unfamiliar network helps to promote business for the future because it gives you time to learn these other networks and make yourself relevant for those referrals. You essentially minimize your competition.
Eventually, you will find yourself reaping the benefits as many other attorneys may not be actively pursuing referrals from other attorney networks.

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