A Manhattan Virtual Office Can Cost Less Than A Fancy Meal in Greenwich Village

By Law Firm Suites - June 15, 2015
A Manhattan Virtual Office Can Cost Less Than A Fancy Meal in Greenwich Village

Practicing as a solo attorney can be an expensive endeavor. Why not minimize costs with a Manhattan virtual office?

A Manhattan virtual office can be a confusing concept for someone who is not familiar. Put simply, a Manhattan virtual office is an arrangement that contains the best features of a “brick-and-mortar” law office space that really is only at your expense when you actually use the services. This provides attorneys with everything necessary to succeed in their practice:

  • a premium commercial mailing address,
  • mail collection services,
  • the opportunity to use well-appointed conference rooms for client meetings,
  • accessible work space to use for the day,
  • availability of a dedicated business phone number housed on a law firm grade telecommunications system,
  • commercial grade copy services, and
  • a community of like-minded peers.

Manhattan virtual offices are interesting because they provide all the amenities you’d expect from a traditional office, but do not include the financial burden a long-term in-office arrangement would constitute. Think of it as getting everything you need without the commitment.
Virtual office packages range in price and can be as little as $100 a month and go month-to-month rather than a full year commitment. You can get all you need to establish your practice for less than the cost of a fancy dinner in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.

Manhattan Virtual Office

For example, many of our lawyers are Law Firm Suites Manhattan virtual office clients. Some begin their own practice right out of law school or come from big firms and want to establish their own presence as solo attorneys.

As a new solo-practitioner, price is extremely important.

Being a solo attorney is all about planning ahead and keeping the main goal in mind. Eventually, income will be acquired so you can one day have that full-time office space, but a low-cost Manhattan virtual office arrangement might be the key to bridging the gap to that full-fledged office.


A Manhattan virtual office gives you the legal credibility to clients and adversaries you wouldn’t be able to achieve by listing a residential address as your business address. Further, when client meetings in necessary, you have access to an array of conference rooms to do so professionally.

Manhattan Virtual Office

In addition to having the pace to meet, you can produce copies of motions for less than it would cost at Kinkos and can reserve a quiet work space by the hour or the day if the meeting needs to be uninterrupted while drafting a memo and you find your residence far too distracting.

A virtual office NYC is an office on your terms.

It provides all the amenities of a traditional law office, on an a-la carte basis.

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