Your Virtual Office NYC Community Can Provide You With Necessary Legal Support

By Law Firm Suites - June 1, 2015
Your Virtual Office NYC Community Can Provide You With Necessary Legal Support

Legal expertise is necessary for an attorney to practice efficiently. A virtual office NYC community may be what you need to stay ahead of the game.

Being a home-based attorney has its benefits. You get to wake up and be right in your office without having to struggle to get out of bed and drive a long distance to work.
This style of work is great for a lot of people, but for others, especially the solo attorney, there is a need to boost one’s professional image the most inexpensive way possible.
This need for a professional image boost is where a virtual office NYC becomes a resource that allows at-home solo attorneys to gain both a commercial mailing address and a network of potential referrals.

Virtual Office NYC

Get a premium address and so much more with a virtual office NYC.

One needs to be selective when choosing a virtual office provider. Home based attorneys, that usually tend to suffer from isolation, have the chance to gain access to not only a great deal of new personalities, but also referral potential that can help build their business. This hidden potential can allow them to build their own potential resulting in:

    • Saved time;
    • Save money; and
    • Significantly reduced malpractice exposure.

Community in action: Virtual office NYC legal collaboration

For example, one of our virtual office clients, an attorney who practices mainly out of her home in Queens, recently needed help interpreting a clause in a commercial real estate contract. She was retained by her client to form multiple corporations and an ancillary real estate issue arose through the course of her representation. She contacted us for advice.

 Virtual Office NYC

After conversing with her, we were able to connect her with another virtual office NYC client with a Westchester-based practice specializing in real estate. The two of them were urged to schedule a brief phone call to discuss the situation. Soon after the initial suggestion, we received a call from the Queens attorney thanking me for the connection.

Upon the second discussion, she admitted her first approach was not only misguided, but wasted her billable time. All that was needed was a quick phone call. Believe it or not, these interactions are incredibly common in a virtual office NYC community.

In the end, she saved herself and her client money and negotiated a better contract on his behalf, opening the door to doing additional work with him in the future.

Other attorneys’ knowledge and expertise is critical to a legal career. In order to practice effectively, we must be able to have access to as much information to work out legal theories as quickly and efficiently as possible.
A virtual office NYC provider will help you save money over time and having that access is like having the key to virtually limitless success.

 Virtual Office NYC

Often, it’s the lack of connection with peers that is the biggest drawback to practicing in a home-based office.

Being home-based may be the best option for you and your lifestyle. This may be conducive wants or needs of your personal life, but it is important to keep in mind that being a solo doesn’t mean you don’t need help or shouldn’t interact with other attorneys.
This need for additional knowledge is what makes a legal community provided by a virtual office NYC so appealing and it has the ability to help your practice indefinitely.

Being a home-based attorney can still mean great success.

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