Shared Office Space And The Potential Clash Of Cultures

By Law Firm Suites - May 11, 2015
Shared Office Space And The Potential Clash Of Cultures

Shared office space will always be a potential option for lawyers, but the need for a very specific work environment may make it difficult in terms of suite mates.

Attorneys are a very distinct type of profession. In order to practice, lawyers have an ethical obligation to display appropriate conduct and follow guidelines to maintain credibility.

Lawyers are just one of many types of profession when ethics are not adhered to correctly, it can result in severe penalties that can affect the outcome of an attorney’s career.

Shared office space is the perfect place for lawyers.

How lawyers work emphasizes very specific needs. These needs are not only relevant to work productivity, but to the needs of a lawyer’s clients.

A lawyer’s clients will typically display the atmosphere of the office. Their matters are very confidential so displaying professionalism and having privacy in an office is especially important to the lawyer’s needs.

This is our culture.  This is how we work.

Shared Office Space

How lawyers work makes it easy to co-exist with with each other, even if practice areas differ. For example, a divorce attorney and business immigration attorney can work in the same suite and have no issues. When it all boils down to basic needs, their professions match up.
Having said that, it is much different when attorneys encounters other professions in a shared office space.

Consider your professional needs when you choose shared office space.

Imagine you are a real estate attorney about to handle a closing for a client. The atmosphere has the possibility of becoming contentious and it can be difficult to reach an agreement.
Your case is sensitive to everything else that goes on in the office. What if your suite mates decided your closing was the perfect time to throw an office party? Not only would it be bothersome to the subject matter, but it wouldn’t look good for your image.shared office space

Executive suites, for the most part, do not cater to a particular profession. In terms of the attorney profession, this may mean the service provided by the space are completely inadequate.

As long as the daily operations of your business do not involve bodily fluids or handling of heavy equipment, you can potentially rent a space in an executive office center.
Office centers differ and any give space can have a mixture of psychics, salespeople, videographers, jewelry designers, and so forth.

When a profession is not similar to yours, it can show. Inevitably, it may result in a clash of differences.

 The right suite mates can make or break your office rental experience.
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