Solos Can Benefit From Shared Law Office Space

By Law Firm Suites - April 20, 2015
Solos Can Benefit From Shared Law Office Space

Shared law office space is not only beneficial, but essential for the newly solo attorney.

Your office is not only the place you do work, but a place that should feel like a second home. This means that you feel both at ease and it is a place you benefit from using.

Shared office space is certainly not everyone’s first thought in renting an office space. Some may even detest it, but one has to go about it and  think about his or her profession.

The question also has to be asked: is the shared office space going to benefit you in the long run? For some, it might the right decision for their situation.

1.  Comfortability in a shared law office space.

Solo attorneys must feel comfortable in a shared law office space. Being able to be at ease in your work space promotes greater work productivity overall.

The attorney network provided by a shared law office space is typically what makes you feel comfortable because there is an abundance of expertise at your disposal. These attorneys become a resource for you over time as you build rapport with them.

2.  Knowing your connections are resources.

Having connections is law is incredibly important. It’s so important because these connections almost ensure that your referral revenue remains as consistent as possible.

Shared Law Office SpaceHowever, it is common for many new or recently solo attorneys to express ambivalence or even a disdain for working around other attorneys.

This ambivalence or disdain towards working around other legal professionals may be indicative of arrogance or the sheer lack of understanding for what a legal community can do for you when it is at your fingertips.

3.  Referrals are not taken lightly by attorneys.

Lawyers know referrals. This is true because a referral is not just some random thing passed on to another random attorney. It is carefully thought out before it is even presented to the receiving attorney.

When it comes to referrals, lawyers “get it” because referrals ultimately impact one’s reputation and in law, reputation is everything.

Shared Law Office SpaceReferrals are a strong base for for income and only benefit your overall business. You have virtually limitless growth in your shared law office space.

4.  A legal community and more.

A legal network is certainly important for any attorney, but beyond that, a shared law office space can provide so much more.

Other things that a shared law office may promote are:

– Lower costs (compared to a standard commercial lease)

– Pro-grade internet and office equipment

– Geographical convenience (case-by-case)

– Staff (to manage the needs of the office)

It is important for any attorney to keep law practice costs at a minimum. Being unaware of potential expenses means money out of your pocket that you may not anticipate. A shared law office space helps you keep costs down as much as possible which will benefit you more over time.

5.  Don’t ignore a potential resource.

Shared Law Office SpaceWhether it is an in-office or a virtual office rental, ignoring the shared office space and what it has to offer can hinder a legal professional’s own success.

Communities vary with a given location, and that is certainly something to keep in mind, but if you have interest in a shared law office space that suits your needs, don’t wait.

You will most likely regret not taking advantage later when you do not have the amenities or networking community as a resource.

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