Decorating Tips For Your Shared Office Space

By Law Firm Suites - April 2, 2015
Decorating Tips For Your Shared Office Space

Getting referrals doesn’t always have to be a challenge. One of the simplest ways to obtain a referral in your shared office space can lie in your office decorum.

Your shared office space is a place you do your work. In addition to this, it is also a tool that helps attorneys to market their practice to achieve an end result: referrals.
Your office decorations have a significant impact on your referral potential because your decorations represent you as a professional and your clientele.

Your office should be something you enjoy sitting in when you work, not something you feel disdain towards because of the look. The pieces chosen, whatever they may be, should embody your personality as a professional.

shared office spaceFor example, if you’re a go-getter with a little bit of eccentricity, choose something that reflects that. Perhaps a yellow cushion seat or even an orange vase? Your personality is best to show as long as it is done in a chic, understated manner.

Of course, the décor is not as important as the story behind the object or the conversations it will surely inspire. Here at Law Firm Suites, we have found that personal level social interaction is more likely to lead to prolonged referral relationships.

The Marathon Medal

As said before, your personality should be reflected in your decorum. The accessories chosen need to give some type of identity. When a young lady wears a chic pair of Chanel boots with a simple black dress, it makes a statement.
Think of your decorating accessories as the Chanel boot. They need to pop, but have an element of simplicity to it that is attractive, yet subtle.

Even something of sentimental value can help to inadvertently start a conversation between other attorneys and begin the basis of a lasting professional relationship.

One example of an item of sentimental value is the ever-interesting marathon medal. This item helps strike up a conversation that can be directed at your outgoing nature which is directly linked to your personality.

Another professional may have like-minded interests and remember those medals. You may find that you are on the receiving end of a referral just because that attorney thought of you as memorable.

One doesn’t even have to have a similarity with you to discuss your “medals” and appreciate them. All you need is a mild interest from someone to be able to build the conversation.

shared office spaceFor example, someone might have never been to Paris and you have a figurine of the Eiffel Tower that commemorates your wedding in Paris the summer before.
This type of the lawyer with interesting articles of decor is willing to go above and beyond to build relationships and be dedicated to cultivating their career.

Find your own “marathon medals” and display them proudly.

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