Culture Clash In A Shared Office Space

By Stephen Furnari - March 19, 2015
Culture Clash In A Shared Office Space

When looking at shared office space as a potential option, keep in mind that lawyer have very specific needs for conducting business.

Lawyers are different breed of professional. In terms of practice, certain ethical guidelines must be adhered to in order to maintain integrity as a legal expert. If these guidelines are not followed, it can typically result in penalties that can have a direct impact to one’s career as a lawyer.

Shared office space is the perfect place for lawyers.

The way a lawyer works is indicative of the needs for their clients and clients typically display behaviors that parallel the office atmosphere. Legal matters are highly confidential; therefore, privacy and professionalism is imperative to emphasize as one of the lawyer’s needs.

This is our culture.  This is how we work.

Shared Office SpaceEven if lawyers have differing practice areas, like a personal injury attorney or a commercial litigator, they can still share space with each other and have no issues. Their work has the same basic needs.
This statement, however, is not true  when it comes to lawyer working around other professions within a shared office space.

Consider your professional needs when you choose shared office space.

Imagine  you needed to meet a client for a deposition and the subject matter was incredibly serious. What if your neighboring tenants decide to engage in a rambunctious activity during that time? It would not look good for you as the attorney and may be wildly disruptive to the case.

shared office spaceUnfortunately, most executive office centers do not cater to a particular profession, therefore, their services may be entirely inadequate.

As long as the daily operations of your business do not involve bodily fluids or handling of heavy equipment, you can potentially rent a space in an executive office center.
Office centers differ and any give space can have a mixture of psychics, salespeople, videographers, jewelry designers, and so forth.

When a profession is not similar to yours, it can show. Inevitably, it may result in a clash of differences.

 Your office rental should be right for your work culture.

About Stephen Furnari

Stephen Furnari is a self-employed corporate attorney and the founder of Law Firm Suites, the operator of coworking spaces for law firms. Through Law Firm Suites, Furnari has helped hundreds of attorneys launch and grow successful law practices. He is the author of several eBooks, including “7 Deadly Mistakes that Prevent Law Practice Success” and “An Insider’s Guide to Renting the Perfect Law Office”. Stephen has been featured in the ABA Journal, Entrepreneur, New York Daily News and Crain’s New York. Connect with Stephen on Twitter (@stephenfurnari).

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