Keep Your Local Practice With A Virtual Office NYC

By Stephen Furnari - February 23, 2015
Keep Your Local Practice With A Virtual Office NYC

Thinking of moving out of state but still want to maintain a local presence? A Virtual Office NYC may be your solution.

New York City is a tough place to be no matter how successful one is in their career or personal life. Maybe it’s the fast paced lifestyle or the strange smells on the subway? It could be anything.

Virtual Office NYCEven the ups and downs in weather are indicative of how harsh this city can be and how much it takes to survive.
For some, moving out of state might be the best personal choice, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your law practice altogether. A virtual office NYC arrangement may just be the exact solution to maintaining a local presence.

With advances in technology, all one really needs is a reliable connection to continue practicing and marketing your firm. It doesn’t matter if you are vacationing in Fiji or starting a new life in Connecticut. As long as you are organized and can obtain your resources electronically, you are set.

Do you even want a virtual office arrangement?

Truth be known, it is really dependent on the firm if a virtual office NYC agreement is a good option. The inexpensive nature of a virtual office may be that one element needed to push someone over the edge into setting up an agreement. These types of agreements allow you to continue doing business even after you have left the state. This can be incredibly helpful especially for those meetings that need an in-person conversation.

Virtual office NYCFor the legal world, many virtual offices meet industry standards to designate as an office address. In addition to that they also keep your new location a secret. Imagine if you relocated to Denver from New York and a client wanted to meet with you. You could set up a meeting time and still be able to have a place to see your client. Better yet, the client doesn’t even have to know you came from Denver.
For mailing purposes, you can also work something out so your mail received at the virtual office provider is forwarded to you at your actual location.

Further, you can keep your local identity, by requesting that all incoming phone calls to your established local phone number be forwarded automatically to any number of your choice.

If you dig deep, you may be surprised at how profitable some practices are that have a hefty distance from their home base. Whether your dream office location is in New York City, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, it has the potential to be a reality.

Moving out of state but still want to keep a local presence?

Learn more from our eBook “How an Out-Of-State Virtual Office Can Help Your Firm.”

How an out of state virtual office can help your firm

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