Shared Law Office Networking: Your Diploma Can Make You Money

By Stephen Perih - February 13, 2014
Shared Law Office Networking: Your Diploma Can Make You Money

You should display your diploma and awards in your shared law office, but not for the reasons you would think.

Social organization is essential to maximizing productive in your New York shared law office. If your office is located in a lawyers only executive office center, like Law Firm Suites, just going to work is a networking activity. Every single one of your shared law office colleagues may be in a position to refer you high-value cases.

Smart attorneys will take advantage of this and socially organize their offices to promote conversation and collaborative opportunities with their office mates.

Did you know that your diplomas are a networking tool? 

shared law officeDiplomas also serve a dual purpose.  They are the physical representation of your educational and professional accomplishments. For that reason alone you should proudly display them.

But, perhaps more importantly, your diplomas serve as an important networking tool, particularly in shared law office space. Years of higher education and multiple bar admissions is something every attorney has in common.  It’s an easy starting place for a conversation.

It’s all about creating valuable, long-lasting relationships. 

Maybe an office mate will walk into your office and realize you both went to the same law school or university as them. Maybe you are both admitted in an unusual jurisdiction. You diplomas are an easy tool to help you build connections with your neighbors.

And the same goes for any certificates representing your other accomplishments.  If you have participated in a community event, like the sponsorship of a little league team, hang that plaque proudly on your wall.  It’s these pieces that show clients and peers what kind of person you are.  That’s how connections are made, and building new connections is how you expand your practice.

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About Stephen Perih

Stephen Perih graduated Vassar College (no, it is not an all girl’s school) in 2005 before earning his JD from New York Law School. Stephen joined Law Firm Suites in 2012 as the Sales & Operations Manager. Since then, he has organized and emboldened Law Firm Suites’ community and accelerated the unique referral exchange among a rapidly growing roster of attorneys.

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