Different Types of Professionals in Shared Office Space Can Lead to Culture Clash

By Stephen Perih - January 28, 2014
Different Types of Professionals in Shared Office Space Can Lead to Culture Clash

Lawyers work differently than other professional. Take this into account when choosing shared office space in New York City.

As attorneys, our profession is guided by a set of ethical guidelines that, if broken, could result in the loss of our license to practice.  Bottom line, if we mess up, the consequences can be significant.

Lawyers work well together in shared office space.

Shared Office SpaceOur work habits reflect this reality. We work quietly, require privacy, keep long hours, and need to be able to concentrate when focused on a task.  In the office we conduct ourselves in a professional manner and, for the most part, our clients demonstrate similar decorum when they meet with us.

This is our culture.  This is how we work.

Amazingly, even attorneys with very different practice areas, like an immigration practice and a tax attorney, can share space with each other in shared office space without issue.  However, the same cannot be said for attorneys and certain other types of professionals in shared office space.

Consider your professional needs when you choose shared office space.

Imagine how frustrated you might be when you need to draft an Order to Show Cause on a tight deadline and the cargo-shorts-wearing-techie-goons next door decide to play foosball on their 22nd caffeine break for the day?

Most executive office centers in New York, to their detriment, do not specialize in providing services that are impeccably tailored to a specific profession.

As long as your day-to-day business activity does not involve bodily fluids or the operation of heavy machinery, you are a potential client of an executive suite. In any business center, you might find psychologists, real estate brokers, psychics, match makers, insurance brokers, web developers, stock traders, film makers and bespoke custom tailors.

Each profession has a different business culture, some of which may clash with yours.

About Stephen Perih

Stephen Perih graduated Vassar College (no, it is not an all girl’s school) in 2005 before earning his JD from New York Law School. Stephen joined Law Firm Suites in 2012 as the Sales & Operations Manager. Since then, he has organized and emboldened Law Firm Suites’ community and accelerated the unique referral exchange among a rapidly growing roster of attorneys.

One thought on “Different Types of Professionals in Shared Office Space Can Lead to Culture Clash

  1. Worth the time reading this. I agree with your last statement about “each professions has different business culture, and some of which may clash with yours.”, that’s why it’s very important to consider first your needs as a professional, before deciding to join a shared office space that has diverse business culture and individual personalities. Working in a shared office space doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to adapt to almost everything that is happening in there, because you have your own identity, and it doesn’t matter if the people you’ll be interacting with will not all accept who you truly are.

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