Manhattan Virtual Office Expands Your Firms Financial Reach

By Stephen Perih - October 14, 2013

Leverage a Manhattan virtual office to increase your bottom line.

By choosing to expand your out-of-state law firm with a low-cost, hassle-free Manhattan virtual office, lawyers are able to inexpensively enter an otherwise cost-prohibitive New York City legal market and reap the financial rewards that accompany it.

Manhattan virtual office: All the perks without the price tag.

A Manhattan virtual office gives your firm access to a prestigious commercial mailing address to impress existing and future clients alike. A Houston-based criminal defense firm inquired about the possibility of a virtual office as the first step in their firm expansion plans. They wanted to expand their practice to practice with a physical office in New York City, but were not ready to devout the energy, time or money just yet.

She signed up for a virtual office package that included free conference room and office rental time, which was an economically feasible option for the out-of-town or out-of-state lawyer. When they eventually decided to move to New York full time, they would be able to keep the same business address.

What is a virtual office?

Manhattan Virtual OfficeA virtual office is a rental agreement where attorneys have the option to pay a low monthly fee (generally around $100 a month) for the use of the operator’s commercial mailing address. Premium office center operators will also provide lawyers access to traditional work space and conference rooms on a per diem basis.

The Houston-based criminal defense firm  needed a professional space with telephone and Internet access available 3 to 4 times a month, so they could build their practice slowly and organically. Also on their wish list was a place to meet local clients.

A virtual office package that addressed all their needs was a fraction of the cost of a traditional office rental. This amounted to a huge savings for the client, which freed up money that was invested in a Google Adwords campaign designed to cement their New York City legal presence.

Savvy lawyers are using virtual offices as an inexpensive alternative to a traditional “brick and mortar” office in order to expand their firm’s reach into lucrative geographic areas outside their home office.

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