Shared Law Office Space Benefit: Lending a “Fresh Pair of Eyes” on Trial Exhibits

By Stephen Perih - October 6, 2013

Manhattan shared law office space affords attorneys collaborative opportunities.

One of Law Firm Suites’ attorneys was preparing for trial and she had just received a package of exhibits from her printer. The cumbersome package was delivered to our New York City shared law office space and accepted by our receptionist.

As any experienced litigator can tell you, the printing quality of an exhibit is just as important as the information it describes.  Blurry exhibits are difficult for juries to read, and worse, make lawyers look bad. Both negatively affect verdicts.

So, when asked to lend a “fresh pair of eyes” to help our shared law office personal injury attorney, I didn’t quite know what to expect.

It turned out to be fun.  The client held up different exhibits and with me stepping backwards. Ten feet, then 15, then 20, each time making sure I could still read the exhibits clearly.

Fresh EyesI could. The exhibits were well-printed and trial ready.

You know how it goes. If you work on a project for a long time, eventually you start to miss its flaws. Having projects reviewed by an objective party reduces mistakes, makes legal arguments more persuasive, and yields a better work product. The collaborative nature of a shared law office environment is designed for moments just like this.

If you’re a solo attorney or a partner in a small law firm, one benefit of shared law office space is that there are always other attorneys with a fresh pairs of eyes who are available (and eager) to lend a hand.

For law firms that rent Manhattan law office space, lending a fresh pair of eyes could mean having a neighbor:

  • look over a pleading and make sure it reads well;
  • review your legal arguments in a brief for persuasiveness; or
  • co-counsel on a case because their unique set of skills strengthens your legal theories.

The work product always turns out better, and as a result, attorneys in a shared law office space become more effective advocates.


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About Stephen Perih

Stephen Perih graduated Vassar College (no, it is not an all girl’s school) in 2005 before earning his JD from New York Law School. Stephen joined Law Firm Suites in 2012 as the Sales & Operations Manager. Since then, he has organized and emboldened Law Firm Suites’ community and accelerated the unique referral exchange among a rapidly growing roster of attorneys.

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