A Virtual Office New York gets Home-based Attorneys Respect from Legal Adversaries

By Stephen Furnari - September 23, 2013
A Virtual Office New York gets Home-based Attorneys Respect from Legal Adversaries

Virtual office New York attorneys see increased settlement offers based on their business address.


Running your law practice from your home has many perks, including increased time for family and the ability to practice on your schedule. But the flexibility of a home-based law practice may come at the cost of decreased credibility among your legal peers.

With a virtual office New York based attorneys demand respect from their legal adversaries, which has a tangible result in increased settlement offers when compared to an attorney using their home address as a business address.

A Brooklyn-based employment attorney, who now is a Law Firm Suites client, began her practice from the comfort of her own living room. She was well versed in plaintiff’s employment matters, and had no problem signing up new clients. Unbeknownst to her, she was receiving initial settlement offers based on her home address, rather than the merits of the matter in controversy.

Your virtual office New York business address matters.

A virtual office New York can lead to higher settlement offers.
One of the best features of a virtual office is exclusive use of a commercial mailing address.  In addition to customized mail services offered by executive office centers, clients gain access to the use of a prestigious commercial office address.

The employment attorney found that her Brooklyn mailing address was not shining the best light on her growing practice. She was routinely disappointed by low-ball settlement offers when the merits of her cases demanded more.

She contacted Law Firm Suites and enrolled in our virtual office program. Shortly thereafter, she began working with a service-industry based client, which spawned a national class certification. She partially attributes the national certification to the ability to turn down initial settlement offers from her opposition. She believed these offers were more lucrative because her marquis, New York City virtual office address made her adversaries take her case more seriously.

She noticed initial settlement offers were higher with a virtual office …

This being said, one example does not prove a theory. Over the course of 6 months, the employment lawyer noticed that all initial settlement offers from opposing counsel were higher than during the brief tenure of using her Brooklyn home address as her business address.

For  $99.00 a month, the employment lawyer saw a return on investment greater than she could have ever expected.


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