Virtual Office NYC Rentals Exclusively for Attorneys

Affordable virtual office packages for law firms requiring a NYC office presence. Two Manhattan locations.

Included in your package, you get…

1The tools you need to run a virtual law office.

  • Premium commercial address
  • Mail and package collection
  • Conference rooms access
  • Day office access
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2Connections to attorneys just like you that make your practice a success.

  • Client referrals
  • Local practice advice
  • Co-counsel opportunities
  • Per-diem coverage
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3Access to convenient services that will make your life easier.*

Live Reception

Have a live receptionist answer, screen and announce your phone calls.

Door and Hallway Signage

Your clients and colleagues will find your office easier with doorway and hallway signage.

Telephone Service

  • Local phone numbers
  • Remote call forwarding
  • Full VOIP telephone service

Global Meeting Spaces

Meet with clients at premium office centers in every major business city around the world.

*Additional charges apply

Plus, the perks you will only find with a
Law Firm Suites Virtual Law Office.

How we get the Virtual Office Community to work for you.

We get to know you.
When you sign up for a Virtual Office, we take the time to get to know a little about you, your practice, the kinds of cases you work on and who the best referral sources are for your practice.
We help you get to know others.
We make sure that you know the other lawyers in the Community who are most likely to refer you business and we make introductions virtually and in person when you’re in the office.
We provide a forum to exchange ideas.
Whether it’s at our monthly Mastermind Group Meeting or on our online community, you’ll have multiple options to seek the help of other Law Firm Suites clients and to exhibit your expertise among community members.
We coordinate referral exchanges.
We help Virtual Office clients looking to refer a case find an appropriate recipient. We do our best to match Virtual Office client cases with other Virtual Office clients, provided there is an appropriate recipient. The more you refer cases to the Community, the more you will receive.

Not interested in Community activities?

No problem. Participation in the Virtual Office Community is completely optional. You’ll still have access to our stellar attorney-only office facilities and Virtual Law Office services. We totally understand your choice and will respect your privacy. If you change your mind at any time, the Community will be there for you.

How an Out-of-State Virtual Office Can Help Your Firm

Learn how law firms grow revenues by expanding into new markets by leveraging inexpensive virtual office rentals.

Who should consider a Virtual Office NYC Package?

Virtual Office NYC FAQ’s

What is a Virtual Office?

With a virtual office NYC rental package you get access to a premium Manhattan office suite for an affordable monthly fee (typically starting at under $100 month in cities like New York City, Boston, and Washington D.C.), use of a premium commercial address and use of office space and amenities, such as conference room time and a well-staffed reception area, on an as-needed basis.

At Law Firm Suites, Virtual office rental packages start with mail collection and address usage services for $99, and more premium packages include bundled usage of conference rooms or workspaces at deeply discounted rates.

Whether for lifestyle or budgetary reasons, law firms using a virtual office rental prefer to work from one place (out of town or from a home office) but want a premium office address and access to a professional office suite to conduct face-to-face business.

Why rent a Virtual Office in a legal suite?

Virtual office clients get preferred rates for conference rooms. Conference rooms are rented by the hour, and fees range from $50/hour to $100/hour depending on the size of room rented.

Our Silver, Gold and Platinum packages all include free conference room time. If you use just two hours of conference room time per month, the extra cost of the upgraded package pays for itself.

Do you provide local phone numbers?

We make available to our Virtual Office clients the telephone services typically required by attorneys running virtual law offices. We can get you local telephone numbers that can be forwarded to a number of your choice, or you can opt into our law firm grade telecommunications system. This is a full-featured phone system accessible by VOIP that includes multiple lines, call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail-to-email, conference calling and more.

How can I work from your office?

Our Gold and Platinum packages have day workspaces included in the package. Additionally, we have a variety of day workspaces available, from workstations to partner level offices, that can be rented by the hour, day or week. You bring a laptop and cell, and we provide WiFi service and all the office machines you will need to have a productive day.

How will I connect with the other attorneys?

First, we make sure that you know who all the other lawyers in the Community are who will most likely to refer you business. With your permission, we then will make introductions virtually and in person when you’re in the office.

Second, you will have plenty of opportunity to meet other attorneys on your own when you’re in the office, at one of our frequent events, or in our online community. Every attorney has an online profile. Before you come to the office, see who you are interested in meeting and make a point to say hello.

Finally, we help Virtual Office clients looking to refer a case connect with an appropriate recipient. We do our best to match Virtual Office client cases with other Virtual Office clients, provided there is an appropriate recipient. The more you refer cases to the Community, the more you receive from our unique Referral System.

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Law Firm Suites is the perfect ‘virtual’ home for our firm as we expand our practice from our base of operations in Texas into New York City. From finding attorneys to make appearances to helpful advice on practice issues, the accessible community has provided our firm with opportunities and local knowledge that I couldn’t get anywhere else. But most important, I feel that LFS has a personal interest in my firm’s growth and success, which is invaluable.

Jeff Greco

Criminal Defense Attorney, Greco Neyland P.C.

See how Jeff is leveraging a Virtual Office to expand his practice.

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