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Whether you’re flush from a big settlement or starting out on a shoe-string, you’ll find office options that will work with any budget.

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Free conference room hours
24/7 building access & security
Professional reception services
File room storage
High speed Internet & WiFi
Mail & copy rooms

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Office Rental FAQ’s:

Do I have to make a long-term commitment?

Our contracts are typically for one to two years, but we do provide flexibility with month-to-month, three-month and six-month contracts as well. Of course, as with any office rental, the financial terms for a long-term contract will be the most favorable.

Do the offices come furnished?

We find that most attorneys either have their own furniture, or like something very specific that they buy themselves. Our offices generally come unfurnished but we can provide furnishings for you if that’s more convenient.

Do you provide Internet & phones?

Our Internet bandwidth rivals that of the most sophisticated financial trading companies and comes free with every office. All our offices come pre-wired, so if you rent multiple spaces, you can easily network all your firm’s computers.

We have a law firm grade telecommunications system that you can opt into. Unlike other office centers that rely on VOIP technology (that can sound like you’re talking on a cell phone), we bring multiple T1 lines into the office, giving you the best phone quality.

Do I have to pay for referrals?

There’s no extra charge for you to participating in Law Firm Suites Referral System. Referrals will come from other attorneys in the office. Sometimes a referring attorney may ask us to match them with an appropriate referral partner, but not always. Any arrangement that you make (in terms of fee splitting) will be between you and the referring attorney.

See our Attorney’s Guide to Referral Etiquette for more information >

Should I worry about attorneys with competing practices?

It’s been our experience that lawyers with ‘competing’ practice areas actually exchange the most business. Lawyers with overlapping practices are great referral partners because each lawyer tends to have a niche area of expertise that opens the door to referral opportunities. The cases that may be a bad fit for them are found money for you.

For example, two immigration lawyers where one only does corporate immigration and the other only asylum cases are not really competing with each other, but will frequently be in a position to refer cases to each other.

You will have a lot in common with lawyers who have overlapping practices. These lawyers will become strategic ‘partners’ to whom you will naturally go to with practice questions. These interactions will help you develop relationships with those lawyers faster, increasing referral potential and other profitable opportunities.

Our suggestion is to change your definition of competition!

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Law Firm Suites has all the benefits of working in a law firm without any of hassles of sharing economics with other lawyers. This being said, we do share many important things: hallway conversations, advice on legal theories, and most importantly, referrals.
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