Young Family Law Attorney Leverages Law Firm Suites’ Community to Launch Solo Practice

Young Family Law Attorney Leverages Law Firm Suites’ Community to Launch Solo Practice
After completing a post-graduate judicial fellowship in Kings County Family Court, family lawyer and divorce mediator, Carolyn Satenberg, eschewed numerous job offers to make her dream of starting a law practice a reality. She leveraged a Start-Up Package and the LFS Community to bridge the gap between legal theory and practice.
  • Gained valuable insight about the ‘business’ of running a law practice, including billing and client pitches.
  • The Start-Up Package’s flexible pricing gradient freed up cash to spend on marketing initiatives.
  • Three (3) referrals from the LFS Community within 60 days of moving in paid for 15 months of rent.

“I always knew I wanted to have my own law practice and Law Firm Suites played a pivotal role in helping me get it off the ground. As a newer lawyer, the opportunity to work in a community of other self-employed attorneys gave me the additional boost of confidence I needed to make the final decision to go solo. The support of the community is invaluable. I can ask a colleague for advice on finding a form, or to test legal theories. Another Law Firm Suites lawyer even volunteered to do a “mock client-intake meeting” with me so I could be in the best position to sign up an important new client.

These are the things they don’t teach you in law school, and this is the kind of support you won’t find in any other office rental – and trust me – I looked at all the office rental options for small law firms. Law Firm Suites is more than office rental, it’s a community of people who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure each other’s success.”

Carolyn Satenberg
Family Law and Mediation, The Law Office of Carolyn A. Satenberg