Patent Firm Secures Lucrative Engagements after Growing Firm Size Through Community Connections

Patent Firm Secures Lucrative Engagements after Growing Firm Size Through Community Connections
Two lawyer IP firm, Cittone & Chinta LLP, grows to five attorneys by leveraging connections made through Law Firm Suites robust professional community. The bigger firm size enables them to secure more lucrative clientele that were not a possibility as a smaller firm.
  • Two key referrals will pay rent for the year.
  • Of Counsel relationships found through LFS community enables the firm to land lucrative clients.
  • Partners save wasted research hours by obtaining quick answers to difficult practice questions from other suitemates.

“Law Firm Suites understands the strategic needs of a growing small firm. In fact, just by renting an office at their facility, they have enabled my firm to grow larger. They have provided income growth through strategic referrals and the possibility of income through strategic introductions to other attorney’s in complementary practice areas.

They have literally helped my firm double in size by facilitating co-counsel relationships with other Law Firm Suites’ practitioners. With these recent acquisitions, we can now strategically market our firm in new practice areas.

But, Law Firm Suites is at its’ best when I am not thinking strategically. The value of shooting the breeze with other attorneys in happenstance hallway conversations is everything I wanted in a law firm. Law Firm Suites is the ideal office option for a small law firm: collegiality of a big group of lawyers without the shared economics.”

Henry Cittone
Patent Attorney, Cittone & Chinta LLP

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