Patent Attorney Reaps Dividends in Client Satisfaction with Small Investment

Patent Attorney Reaps Dividends in Client Satisfaction with  Small Investment
Former Big Law patent attorney, Julia Grimes, uses a Law Firm Suites office package to make a big impression on new biotech clients and learns new practice management techniques to make her business more successful.
  • Practice management techniques learned at  Office mastermind groups cuts wasted hours and makes practice more profitable.
  • Professional services and a personal touch help her impress and retain clients.
  • Flexible office space allows her to focus on her practices’ growth rather than the hassle of finding a location for it.

“I am so impressed by the services that Law Firm Suites provides to it’s clients. There is never a shortage of conference rooms available to book for client meetings, even last minute. The staff always walks my clients from the reception area to meet me. They are also very professional, polite, and helpful which really enhances my intellectual property practice.

Their Office mastermind meetings are a great way to meet and exchange referrals with other lawyers who use Law Firm Suites. I never thought I would receive so much value from such a small financial investment.”

Julia A. Grimes. PhD.
Patent Law, Grimes Patent Law

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