Immigration Attorney Escapes 80-hour Weeks (working for someone else) by Launching Solo Law Practice

Immigration Attorney Escapes 80-hour Weeks (working for someone else) by Launching Solo Law Practice
Immigration attorney, Irene Vaisman, was working 80+ hour weeks for someone else’s bottom line. Law Firm Suites provided a fertile environment where she could grow and develop her own practice while leveraging the experience and guidance of over 100+ other attorneys who had already forged their own path to self-employment.
  • Secured new cases by participating in LFS community networking events.
  • Prospective clients are impressed by her office space and how they were courteously greeted at reception, resulting in more cases signed.
  • Saved hundreds of dollars on computer and phone technician repairs with help of LFS’ highly trained staff.

“When I started my own practice, the managing and support staff at Law Firm Suites was informative, attentive and supportive. No matter what the issue or question is, such as which malpractice insurance broker to work with or computer/network problems or the best person to direct a referral or which credit card company to use, they are always there providing a helping hand.

The space at Law Firm Suites is very professional and many of my clients have provided positive comments to that effect. My suite mates are a diverse group of bright and very talented attorneys in different practice areas, so asking a quick question or bouncing ideas is easy and convenient.

Law Firm Suites has a sense of community, yet, you are your own entity. this is where my practice and law firm has found its home for a long time to come.”

Irene Vaisman
Immigration Attorney, The Vaisman P.C.

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