Former Wilson Sonsini Associate Pursues his Passion by Starting Solo Law Practice

Former Wilson Sonsini Associate Pursues his Passion by Starting Solo Law Practice
Former Wilson Sonsini associate and IP attorney, Stephen Kunen, was uninspired by big firm practice and yearned for something ‘more’ from the practice. At Law Firm Suites, Stephen found the encouragement he needed to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams within the practice of law, including a rapidly growing practice in the mixed martial arts industry.
  • Co-counseled with other LFS attorneys in different practice disciplines to expand the types of cases his firm handles.
  • Leveraged the LFS community for practice tips on new areas of practice.
  • Joined a syndicate of other IP attorneys who have banded together to pitch higher profile clients that wouldn’t otherwise retain a solo attorney.

“Law Firm Suites is a welcome twenty-first century innovation that aids attorneys overcome the challenges of hanging a (digital) shingle in the modern era of legal practice.

Joining LFS is not only a channel for crossing from the study of law to the business of law; it is a community of like-minded skilled professionals aimed at achieving the balance between an enriched personal and professional life.

For all the unique challenges attorneys face, LFS counters them with a culture that supports the growth of its clients by sharing solutions to the common struggles of legal entrepreneurship.”

Stephen Kunen
Patent & IP Law, Kunen Law

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