Ex-CourtTV Producer Practicing Law as a Second Career Leverages LFS Staff to Help Run Elder Law Practice

Ex-CourtTV Producer Practicing Law as a Second Career Leverages LFS Staff to Help Run Elder Law Practice
Elder law attorney, Peter Aronson, was no stranger to the courtroom, but not in the traditional sense. As a legal journalist and CourtTV producer, he covered many high profile trials, including the OJ Simpson murder trial. He decided to put the law degree he obtained years earlier to use to practice Elder Law. Peter launched his solo practice at Law Firm Suites, and has benefitted greatly by LFS staff and those of other attorneys to witness will signings or assist with marketing campaigns.
  • Eliminated staff expense by using LFS and community staff to witness will signings.
  • Achieved significant practice growth, allowing him to upgrade to a premium office within two years of launching firm.
  • Has leveraged the experience of other attorneys to determine the best marketing strategies for his practice and stay abreast of legal marketing innovations.

“Law Firm Suites is incredibly well run, due in no small part that it is owned and operated by lawyers. As a solo attorney, my time is valuable and constantly in short supply. Law Firm Suite takes care of all the extraneous office hassles that prevent me from doing my job.

They provide me with a phone that always works, Internet that never “goes out” and an office temperature that is constantly comfortable. My clients are greeted professionally and courteously. The conference rooms are always clean, professional in appearance and always available.

In private practice, time wasted is income lost. Law Firm Suites saves me time, allowing me to do what I do best: practice law.”

Peter Aronson
Elder Law, Law Office of Peter Aronson

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