Corporate Immigration Attorney Tackles the Small Firm Income Plateau with Flexible Office Space

Corporate Immigration Attorney Tackles the Small Firm Income Plateau with Flexible Office Space
Veteran Corporate Immigration Attorney, Stuart Reich, knew that the only way to break through the small firm income plateau in an immigration practice was to leverage the labor of employees. But the increased cost of hiring an employee doesn’t end with their salary. The employee needs a space to work, and that costs money. Law Firm Suites’ flexible office arrangements enabled Stu to add (or remove) office spaces based on his firm’s needs, freeing him up from floating the expense of maintaining office space that he doesn’t need now, but may in the future.
  • Started with one office (for himself), added two additional workspaces over three years.
  • Exchanges significant business with robust community of immigration attorneys whose practices focus on other areas.
  • Has benefited from being “encouraged” by peers to take on the additional risk of new staffers, resulting in a significantly bigger practice.

“The complexity of Immigration Law lends itself to a great deal of sub-specialization. I could meet 6 other immigration attorneys and not necessarily feel I’m directly competing with any of them for business – there are more than enough niches. But, true collegiality depends on more than just lack of direct competition. Law Firm Suites provides an environment where collaboration is welcome; the perfect bridge from firm life to solo practice. The amount of time I’ve saved by just knocking on someone’s door to ask an esoteric question of law or procedure is amazing. The “open door” feel that Law Firm Suites fosters among its tenants is a huge value-added to my practice.”

Stuart J.Reich
Corporate Immigration, The Law Office of Stuart J. Reich

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