Corporate Attorney Overcomes ‘Small Firm Prejudice’ by Leveraging Community of Specialists

Corporate Attorney Overcomes ‘Small Firm Prejudice’ by Leveraging Community of Specialists
Even the most capable solos with the most sophisticated skill sets encounter prejudice about their available resources. Commercial, banking and corporate attorney, Jason Huf, whose practice has a heavy concentration on Middle-Eastern law, leveraged the Law Firm Suites Community to overcome this frequent (and unmeritorious) client objection.
  • Co-counseled with colleagues on practice areas outside his expertise to overcome solo prejudice.
  • Accountability among Community members allowed Jason to confidently refer cases to other specialists without the fear of having clients poached.
  • Can deliver the highest caliber service at affordable rates (and remain an independent lawyer) by leveraging cost efficiencies of sharing law office space.

“I am a huge fan of Law Firm Suites’ (LFS) business model, and the value I receive for my money would ordinarily be more than enough to warrant publicly airing my deep satisfaction. But, I have so much more to say about LFS, and the people who work there.

As a small firm, one of the prejudices I encounter revolves around doubts about my resources. Being a part of the community at LFS makes dispelling such concerns a breeze because LFS doesn’t do business with just anyone. My colleagues in our community are all superstars, which provides me with available expertise in just about every field of the law. We do not worry about a colleague poaching clients (because we all know where to find each other), and I do not have partners pressuring me to raise my billable rate — I’m the only lawyer I actually have to feed.

As for the support staff, you couldn’t ask for better. Each and every staff member is the “right arm” for hundreds of us. Nonetheless, the work they perform is timely and of the highest quality. Perhaps even more fundamentally, the work is courteously, conscientiously and professionally delivered. They are terrific, friendly people who demonstrate, time and again, that they feel as though they have a stake in my firm’s success.

In short, I have all the resources in the world without the weight of hungry partners or prohibitive overhead costs to pass along to my clients. This enables me to deliver the high quality, but reasonably priced, legal services I’ve always sought to provide, and maintain the kind of practice I’ve always wanted from day one of my career in the law. I couldn’t be happier.”

Jason Huf
Commercial and Corporate Lawyer, Jason Huf International, P.C.

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