Aviation Attorney Contracts, Then Expands Practice Under the Same Roof

Aviation Attorney Contracts, Then Expands Practice Under the Same Roof
Over a four-year period, Jeremy Hager, a commercial litigator specializing in aviation cases, leveraged the flexibility of Law Firm Suites shared law office space to ride out economically turbulent times, all the while maintaining practice stability by keeping the same office address.
  • Established referral relationships that generated new business in a stagnant economy.
  • Sought advice of peers on key practice issues, saving billable hours.
  • Used Law Firm Suites infrastructure to impress clients, making it easier to secure new business

“I have more than 15 years in private practice and for the past four I’ve had the good fortune of operating from Law Firm Suites. More than a landlord, I view LFS as a business partner. As my practice has expanded – and at times contracted – LFS has provided me with the flexibility, consistency, and solid firm infrastructure that I need to do the two most important things for any attorney: provide excellent service for my existing clients and generate new business to keep my pipeline full.

As an added bonus, the LFS management team works hard to foster a collegial atmosphere and as a result the attorneys here regularly refer business to one another. Likewise, because of the diverse array of attorneys in the Suite, there is usually someone with the necessary expertise to offer counsel on issues that may arise outside my practice areas. Frankly, the mix of people here is terrific and whether one is discussing a highly technical matter of law or simply opining on the current state of the Knicks’ backcourt, it’s a pleasure to come to work here every day.”

Jeremy Hager
Commercial Litigator & Aviation Law, Hager Law PLLC

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