Associate in Aviation Litigation Firm Pursues Her Passion for Music in Own Entertainment Practice

Associate in Aviation Litigation Firm Pursues Her Passion for Music in Own Entertainment Practice
Francelina Perdomo started her career practicing aviation law, but her passion was music. She launched her entertainment law practice at Law Firm Suites to pursue her dreams and has been unstoppable ever since. Over three years and as many office upgrades later, she has a robust practice representing musicians, record companies and entertainment companies.

  • Co-counseled with attorneys on different matters to expand her practice offerings.
  • Achieved rapid professional credibility by focusing on a practice niche on the advice of more experienced attorneys in the LFS community.
  • As her practice grew, she was able to upgrade from a modest workstation all the way to a partner sized office with premium views (and is one of LFS’ biggest success stories).

“Law Firm Suites has been an extremely helpful resource to grow my practice exponentially. The quality, professionalism and experience of the individuals that form the LFS community is unmatched. One of the main advantages of LFS is that it allows me to consult with other attorneys about particular legal issues.

In addition, I have collaborated with attorneys that concentrate their practice in a specific area of the law, which in turn, serves to efficiently meet my clients’ needs and expectations. At LFS anyone can expect to find an outstanding work environment, friendly and efficient staff, as well as beautiful and well-kept premises. What more can you ask for?

I am extremely pleased with the choice I made several years ago when I decided to join LFS. When the LFS community grows, our business and personal relationship with other members grow as well. The result? Happy recurring clients and referrals.”

Francelina Perdomo
Entertainment Law, Perdomo Klukosky & Associates

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