Temporary Office Space for
Law Firms on Trial in NYC

Litigation war room rentals in multiple Manhattan locations just steps from all courts.

    Convenient locations
    saves critical time

    Located within close proximity to your courthouse means you can spend more time prepping for trial and less time struggling with commutation.

    Focus on the trial,
    not your office space

    We specialize in one profession: attorneys. We know how you work and provide the services you need to get your job done. Everything else is just a waste of your time.

    Familiarity creates
    more clarity

    Our litigation war room space feels familiar and comfortable, like you are working at your own firm’s office. When you’re comfortable, you’ll think more clearly.

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Temporary office space for law firms on trial in nyc

Because where you work during trial can have a direct impact how well you do.

According to a New York times article, law firms routinely make use of temporary office space when on trial in different cities, or even if their main office is in the same city as the courthouse, but inconveniently located. For example, if the firm’s main office is in Midtown and they are in trial Downtown in the Southern District in Manhattan.

The Times reports that lawyers often prefer to rent office space, rather than a hotel, because the infrastructure they need (secure, reliable data, office equipment, etc.) is already in place, giving trial lawyers more privacy than a hotel, with a more reliable set-up. 

According to a Minneapolis IP lawyer, the need the need for adequate physical space is no laughing matter or minor inconvenience. It can have a direct impact on how you do at trial.