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Law office rentals in professionally managed law suites. Workspaces available for every budget. Multiple Manhattan locations.

    Focus on Profits,
    Not Office Admin

    Lawyers demand a high degree of professionalism from their offices. Our highly trained staff (who are managed by attorneys) are experts in providing specialized office rental services for law firms. Because we “get it”, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Focus instead on more profitable pursuits.

    A Common Sense Way
    to Practice

    Clients have a certain expectation about what a lawyer's office looks like. If your office rental is inconsistent with that expectation, you may have trouble landing new cases. Our suites look, feel and run like a working law office. The best part, you get law firm grade equipment and services at a fraction of the cost.

    Collaboration Guarantees
    Long Term Success

    Isolation is the biggest danger of a solo law practice. By joining our community of highly specialized lawyers, you’ll keep up with the rapid changes in our profession. From practice tips to co-counsel opportunities, the community will be one of your most valued assets.

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law office rentals nyc

The most ethically compliant law office rentals in NYC. Period.

Whether you sublet an office from a law firm or rent in a multi-professional coworking space, unless you can afford the expense of a long term lease directly with a landlord, there are certain ethical risks that come up when you share office space with others. The good news is that these risks are completely manageable. Notwithstanding, with the exception of Law Firm Suites, few office rental providers in NYC actually take attorney ethics compliance into consideration.

There are three primary issues that attorneys need to consider when choosing a law office rental in shared space: (1) preserving confidentiality & privilege; (2) not creating a situation where someone else’s client has reason to believe that you are their attorney (or where your clients believe that you are associated with suitemate’s firm); and (3) that you meet your obligation to respond promptly to clients.

To build what we believe is the most ethically compliant law office rental available, we have relied on three things: case law, New York State policy statements and formal ethics opinions. Our model covers each of these areas, but the key to successfully operating an ethically compliant shared office space  is our highly trained staff. Our team has been trained in each of these risks, and what role they play in mitigating them for our clients.

Ethical compliance is just one of the many benefits you get in a professionally managed law office rental. Interested in learning more about our compliance with ethics rules, see our comparison of other NYC office rental vendors here.


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