Meeting Room Rentals in Boston Back Bay

Short-term meeting room rentals for legal professionals
in professionally managed office suite.

Pricing for Meeting Room Rentals

    Starting at

    By the Hour


    Ideal for a new client meeting or will signing

    Multiple conference rooms accommodating up to 15 people

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    Starting at

    By the Day


    Best for a closing or deposition

    Concierge meeting room services to make your meeting great

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Meeting Room Rental Amenities

    Get a Working Law Office

    In our profession, we deal with highly sensitive client issues. There is a level of seriousness to the way we work. Rent a meeting room anywhere else, and you may find staff that's untrained in the nuance of serving the needs of our profession.

    Designed for Lawyers

    Unlike other professional suites we are committed to and specialize in the needs of attorneys. We know how you work and provide the services you need to get your job done. Everything else is just a waste of your time.

    That Exceeds Client Expectations

    Host a meeting in temporary space anywhere else and it may feel like you’re meeting in a hotel room. Clients have an expectation of what your office should ‘feel’ like. Exceed that expectation and your clients will feel more confident working with your firm.

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