New York City Virtual Office Gives Dually Licensed Attorneys a Financial Edge.

By Stephen Perih - October 5, 2013
New York City Virtual Office Gives Dually Licensed Attorneys a Financial Edge.

Utilize a New York City Virtual Office to capitalize on your dual bar admissions.

These days, it is common practice for attorneys to sit for a second bar exam in a neighboring state. New York and New Jersey even coordinate their bar exams to ensure that each state’s essay portion is administered on different days. If you are dually admitted, you should be using a New York City virtual office to expand your firm’s financial reach.

The truth is, most attorneys don’t know what to do with their second (or third) bar admission other than continue paying the yearly attorney fees to keep the license active, “just in case” the need to use it arises. This is tantamount to throwing away money. You should be utilizing your additional bar admission as a potential source of income. A New York City virtual office is the most cost effective way to realize a return on your admission investment.

What is a New York City virtual office?

A New York City virtual office is a rental arrangement where attorneys can pay low monthly fee (typically starting at under $100 month) to rent the use of a commercial address and have access to office space and conference rooms on an as-needed basis. New York City virtual offices are frequently used by solo attorneys and small law firms who work from one place (out of town or from a home office) but want a premium commercial office address in different location.

How can a New York City virtual office help me?

A New York City virtual office can help New Jersey lawyers admitted to practice in New York gain access to new revenue sources. The geographic distance between the two states is relatively small while the potential for new cases on either side of the river is large. By choosing a virtual office, you can begin to establish an economic foothold in the lucrative New York City legal market while opening your existing New Jersey based practice to new financial opportunities.

Dually LicenseIsn’t it a New York City virtual office just a waste of money?

No. In fact, it will make you money. A New York City virtual office is only as good as its’ community. If you choose a provider with a strong community of attorneys, you will be ensuring your financial success.

No Really. How does that help me?

You may be dually admitted, but on average, most attorneys are admitted in a single state. This limits the scope of their representation to the single state. Due to the New Jersey’s geographic proximity, it is inevitable that an ancillary matter will arise during the representation stemming from or involving a New Jersey-based issue. The single admission attorney will need to either:

  1. Obtain local counsel, or
  2. Refer the matter out entirely.

Your dual admission allows you to financially take advantage of these situations.  If your New York City virtual office community is well organized, the operator will find the “best fit” for these money making opportunities among its virtual office clients.

Shouldn’t it be you?


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