New Jersey Home Office, Virtual Office New York

By Stephen Perih - October 3, 2013
New Jersey Home Office, Virtual Office New York

How a Virtual Office New York will allow your NJ based firm to charge a higher hourly rate.

For many lawyers, a virtual office New York location may be the best option to increase your currently hourly rate while maintaining a relative small economic foot print.

New Jersey and New York are inextricably tied together. Our states even are tenants-in-common with respect to Ellis Island. Due to our extremely close geographic proximity, your New Jersey based practice most likely bleeds over into Manhattan.

If you are not maintaining a professional identity in New York City, you are literally losing out to tens of thousands of dollars each year in potential new clients and under-billing existing clients. For less than the cost of a monthly PATH card, you can establish your foothold into the lucrative Manhattan legal market with a virtual office New York presence.

What is a Virtual Office New York?

A Virtual office is a rental arrangement where attorneys can pay a low monthly fee (typically starting at under $100 a month) to rent the use of a premium commercial address and have access to office space and conference rooms on as as-needed basis.

Lawyers, like you, choose to maintain a virtual office identity in New York City because of the prestige it garners among existing clients and new clients alike. When you add a second address to your business card, especially a prestigious downtown Manhattan address, it creates a perception to client’s that your firm is extremely successful.

On average, New York lawyers charge more per hour than New Jersey lawyers.

New jersey Home OfficeBut, client perception is the least of what a Manhattan Virtual Office provides. Your will literally see an increase in your billable hour. A study conducted by the National Consumer Law Center discovered that New York small firm lawyers with 3 to 5 years of experience, on average, charge $59.00 an hour more than their New Jersey counterparts.

A Manhattan virtual office allows New Jersey home-based lawyers to charge a higher hourly rate than their New Jersey only counterparts, regardless of their practice area.

Numbers don’t lie.



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