Hey Lawyers: What is a Virtual Office NYC?

By Stephen Perih - October 1, 2013
Hey Lawyers: What is a Virtual Office NYC?

A virtual office NYC is financially viable alternative method for you to do what you do best: practice law.

Simply, it contains all the best qualities of a physical law office space, in an unbundled financial relationship that is priced based on your actual use of the services. A virtual office NYC provides attorneys with everything they need to run a successful practice:

  • a premium commercial mailing address,
  • mail collection services,
  • availability of a dedicated business phone number housed on a law firm grade telecommunications system,
  • the opportunity to use well-appointed conference rooms for client meetings,
  • accessible work space to use for the day,
  • commercial grade copy services, and
  • a community of like-minded peers.

A virtual office NYC delivers every available amenity a lawyer would expect from a traditional office lease, except for the exceedingly expensive monthly financial burden and oppressive long-term commitment. In fact, most virtual office NYC packages cost less than $100.00 a month and are on friendlier month-to-month commitments.

For example, Vivian Sobers, is a Law Firm Suites virtual office NYC client. She began her own practice, Sobers Law PLLC, immediately following law school graduation and successfully passing the New York State Bar Exam.

As a new solo-practitioner, price was extremely important to her.

Virtual Office NYCShe knew she would eventually have the disposable income to have a full-time office, but chose a low cost virtual office package to commence her practice.


A virtual office gave Sobers the legal credibility to clients and adversaries she could not achieve by listing her home address as her business address. Further, when she needed to meet clients, she had access to an array of conference rooms to do so professionally.

Vivian makes triplicate batch copies of an OTSC for less than it would cost at Staples and can reserve a quiet work space by the hour or the day if she needs to be uninterrupted while drafting a memo and finds her apartment too distracting.

A virtual office NYC is an office on your terms.

It provides all the amenities of a traditional law office, on an a-la carte basis.


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