Virtual Office NYC Innovative Collaboration Opportunities:

By Stephen Perih - September 29, 2013
Virtual Office NYC Innovative Collaboration Opportunities:

Virtual Office NYC inexpensively gives Fairfield County attorneys access the lucrative Manhattan legal market.

With a virtual office NYC, you can grow your Connecticut-based law practice through innovative collegial collaboration. Savvy Fairfield County lawyers licensed to practice in New York are leveraging inexpensive NYC virtual office packages to maintain a strong professional identity in Manhattan.

Virtual offices are typically offered by the operators of executive suites or professional business centers.  A virtual office provides all the services and amenities you would expect from a traditional brick and mortar law office suite , but at a much lower cost (usually starting at around $100 dollars a month.) With a virtual office NYC, a Fairfield County attorney would get a premium Manhattan commercial address, access to reception services, mail collection and forwarding, and access to well-appointed conference rooms and work-spaces.

What makes a virtual office NYC different?

Virtual Office NYCThe key difference between a virtual office in New York and a physical office in a traditional shared office space is that, with the former, a firm pays for office services on an a la carte basis.  For minimal additional overhead, an attorney whose main office is in Connecticut and expects to be in NYC rarely can benefit from the lucrative New York City legal market (or simply enhance their at-home credentials by being associated with it).

But a virtual office can be more than just a place to receive your mail and have meetings when you are in the Big Apple. A good virtual office operator will actively manage their virtual office community to foster innovation and collaboration among members of their virtual office community. This can be a valuable asset to a firm whose day-to-day practice may be outside of New York County and may require some assistance with local procedural rules and forms.

Virtual Office NYC lawyers need community, collaboration and shared culture.

For example, at Law Firm Suites, we host regular virtual office meet-ups and actively serve as a conduit between our virtual office clients who seek resources or who are looking to refer cases to other attorneys.  By nurturing relationships with all our virtual office clients, they know they can rely on us to connect them with the local resources they need.

To get the most from your virtual office experience, seek out a virtual office provider that has developed a vibrant community of legal peers. Operators who make a practice of connecting attorneys in complementary practice areas help firms with a virtual law office find new cases and co-counseling opportunities.

Given the close proximity to the New York legal market, many Fairfield County based attorneys maintain licenses to practice in New York.  With a virtual office NYC, you may soon find yourself on the Merritt heading to your Darien office while receiving cases referred to you by your NYC virtual office peers.

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